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We are out of Lockdown!!

In 2020 Melbourne Victoria experienced a severe lockdown due to Covid 19. We were limited to 5 km travel distance, no visitors, had to exercise at home, could only go out for food shopping, medical and exercise but no further than 5 kms. It was a very hard time but now we are just about free!!! Australia has done an amazing job in quashing this virus and thanks to all Australians we have no deaths.

The virus that is entering Australia is coming now from overseas and everyone has to hotel quarantine for 14 days. The Australian Governments are being extremely cautious for which we are very grateful. However, this means the borders are closed to International Visitors unless you play a sport such as tennis in The Australian Open or Cricket.

This is why we are currently closed as our daughter and her family, who live in Bali are staying with us until the borders re-open.

We hope you understand and we look forward to opening up as soon as we can.

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