Are you planning a trip to Australia soon?

wallaby in the grass

Wallaby in the grass

I thought I would offer the world an opportunity to ask questions about visiting Australia and what to consider when coming here.  I know there are plenty of sites with lots of information but I thought this could be a personal question and answer site.

To start off with here are a couple of bits of info for anyone wanting to know.

Australia is a fabulous country with such diverse environments.  As it is a continent by itself, it covers a very large area.  That means from North to South there are a wide range of climates.  So if you are planning to cover the East Coast from top to bottom, or go over to the West, travel to the centre to visit Ularu (Ayers Rock) or right up to the top to Darwin, or right down south to Tasmania, or any where in between you are going to experience a significant range of temperatures.  Australia has a reputation for being hot and but as many visitors have found out, much to their horror, they dont bring enough warm clothes.  So make sure you bring a good range of clothing.  We tend to layer our clothing, so you can add or reduce as your comfort requires.  If you are coming to Melbourne, you can experience 4 seasons in one day.  We have a climatic event called a ‘cool change’ in summer where the temperature can drop 20 deg C in 5 minutes.  So beware of this.  We are very grateful for this when it has been 40+ degs.  So bring a few warm clothes.

If you are hiring a car, remember we drive on the left.  Sadly there have been many fatal accidents where people get off the plane and head for the wonderful Great Ocean Road.  It is a very winding road which is quite narrow but has the most fabulous views of the Great Southern Ocean ‘Bass Strait’ quite a distraction, but a must see!!  So it is very easy to become distracted when you are tired.  You must consciously remember to remind yourself that you have to drive on the left.

Also remembering that if you drive at night in the outback or bush, there are kangaroos around.  They are more active at night and can come hopping out on the road.  You may think you can stopl, but believe me, you probably wont see them until they are infront of your car, or motorbike. We choose not to drive at night in the bush if we can avoid it.

So if you want to know anything about visiting Australia, just ask here and I will try and answer your question.  I am prepared to do a little research for you too.

Cheers  Yarra